Stay Positive, Stay Strong!

VO2 LONDON is the newest and best gym in Palmers Green to train, workout and do exercise classes in North London. At VO2 LONDON we have created a dynamic, fun and performance orientated environment for you to reach the peak of your ability. 

As a VO2LONDON member, you will have exclusive access to Technogym equipment. Technogym are the lead supplier to the Olympic games – their equipment is designed around optimising performance training. Whether you’re an experienced athlete or a newcomer to the gym, our skill line equipment offers live biometric feedback, which can help significantly improve your technique and your sports performance. 

At VO2 LONDON, we believe fitness is a lifestyle and we want to install strength and confidence in everyone we work with, so that you can achieve more than you ever thought possible and evolve to new levels of greatness, both physically and mentally. We offer an exciting and diverse offering of specialised classes all throughout the week, such as Pole Dancing, Boxanity, Vinyasa Flow Yoga and more! VO2 Members can download the 'MyWellness' app and interact with our Technogym equipment, create a profile, and follow your progress.

Start your wellness journey with us today and discover just how far you can go!