Learn how to Pole Dance in 6 weeks
We offer a 6-week Pole Dance course for complete beginners! 

What will you learn?

In this 6-week course, you will learn all of the beginner spins, climbs, inversions, as well as transitions and floor work to link the moves together. You will develop strength and flexibility through specific conditioning drills, designed to progress your mind, body, and muscles for this incredible sport. Pole dance requires a lot of upper body strength, so as a beginner, it is vital that you prepare your body in a very specific way.  

Pole dance for beginners will lay down the foundations with a strong emphasis on technique so that you can train safely and feel confident as you progress on your journey. Once you have completed our ‘Beginner Course’ then you can drop into any ‘Mixed Level’ class, which will be tailored to a varied ability level and offer a much broader variety of challenges. 

What is the structure of the course? 

In pole dance for beginners, you can choose from the following days/times: 

Next Course Dates
Sunday 11th September
Full Course Dates - (11th September, 18th September, 25th September, 2nd October, 9th October, 16th October)

If you miss a day on your course then you can make it up on another course, providing it is not at full capacity. The first 5weeks will consist of learning the fundamentals moves and mini-movement combinations, and on week 6 you will learn a full dance routine. 


In weeks one and two you will learn a series of beginner spins, the foundations of climbing, and work on developing some baseline strength. The first two weeks are designed to progressively challenge you so that you don’t overload your muscles, making it completely safe for a complete beginner. The moves are broken down at a slower pace, especially on week one so that we can ensure you understand the technique. Learning how to control your body weight around the pole requires practice so you can expect a few bruises in the first few weeks.  

Weeks 3+4

In weeks three and four you will start to learn how to invert (go upside-down on the pole) as well as learning some of the more challenging spins and climbing variations. The floor work will also progress and you will develop your strength endurance as you learn to piece together different movement combinations. Generally by week four you possess greater movement awareness and so therefore can enjoy the classes more and experience less ‘poleburn’. Fear not - pole burn is not as bad as it sounds and actually just your nervous system providing sensory feedback as you twist and turn around the pole.

Weeks 5+6

By week five you are fully addicted to the never ending fun and challenge of pole dancing and will be feeling much more confident with all of the foundation moves. You will be stronger and more flexible and pick up moves at a quicker pace with a greater sense of coordination and understanding. Your climbs and inverts will be improving every week and by week six you will be taught a full routine which you can perform at the end of the class to celebrate your progress. 

You will leave this course feeling accomplished and motivated on your journey, with the support of the rest of the class. Your struggle will turn into your strength as you develop an incredible lifelong skill that encompasses the fundamental aspects of dance and gymnastics. 

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Cost: £120


Q: I have not done any exercise in a long time, can I still do the course?
A: Yes you can. The course is aimed at complete beginners and the structure is delivered in a progressive format specifically designed to gradually build strength. This minimise risk of injury and maximise progression. However if you do already go gym and work your core and upper body it will enable you to progress at a much quicker pace and your will find the process of learning moves easier too.  

Q: I don’t know if I can commit to the duration of the course and may possibly miss a few days.
A: The maximal amount of days you can miss on your chosen course is one out of six, if you have to miss more than one day then you will need to book onto another course you can commit to.  

Q: What if I get unwell or something happens that prevents me from completing the course
A: Based on unforeseen circumstances we can either transfer you onto another course or provide a full refund based on your individual circumstances  

Q: Can I do a few weeks on one course and then make up the rest of the weeks on another course?
A: No you have to be committed to the course you are on because you will not progress at the required pace if you are not consistent with your training. You are able to drop into any course for the duration of your course but soon as you complete week 6 you will not be able to drop into any beginner course free of charge.  

Q: Am I limited to the amount of beginner classes I can drop into that are not on my selected class dates?
A: No you can do as many as you like, dependant on availability.  

Q: What is the next step after completing the course?
A: You can do any mixed level class once you have completed beginners. We will also be offering a Level Two course which will be all about getting stronger in inversions (going upside down), getting confident with knee hooks upside down, handstand conditioning on and off the pole and learning  more advanced spins, climbs and strength moves.  

Q: How many seesion are included within the 6 weeks.
A: There are 6 classes across 6 weeks as part of your course. The course you select ie Friday will be the same day every week from weeks 1-6. We offer you the opportunity to drop into the other course dates if you wish to gain access to more practice time but this is subject to availability. You must attend 5/6 weeks minimum on YOUR SELECTED COURSE.  You can not change over to another course halfway through.