Vo2 Training Equipment

Here at Vo2 we pride ourselves on having the most advance gym equipment in London. With state-of-the-art technology supplied by Technogym, you will be able to analyse every part of your training, it will be like having your very own professional trainer as and when you need them.

Skill Run

The Skill Run offers a unique experience to the regular treadmill. This is a performance treadmill that gives you live Biofeedback to measure your ground contact time, power output, step length, propulsion time, flight time and cadence. This program is a highly effective coaching tool to improve your technique and athletic performance. The Skill Run allows you to perform sled push, parachute running and running on resistance to develop your speed, power output and CV capacity. All four Skill Runs can do marathons on famous routes in New York and Rome, connect with each other to create races and allows users to run sub-maximal, maximal, and authentic military tests.    

Skill Mill

The Skill Mill is a curved, non-motorised treadmill that reinforces the user’s correct running technique and posterior chain activation. The Skill Mill is powered by the user’s natural acceleration and deceleration to help you develop speed and power. The Skill Mill is 30% more metabolic than a normal treadmill and minimises the risk of injury by reducing impact stress in the knee joints and promoting a midfoot strike, which in turn reduce braking forces that occur with over striding and heel striking combined.  

Skill Bike

The Skill Bike is a cross between a road and a mountain bike, with over22 training programs available. The Skill Bike replicates outdoor training in doors. It emulates rides from Strava and Garmin and connects with Zwift for virtual live rides against people around the world. The Skill Bike offers magnetic resistance, power training and gradient training, with 8 gears available (16 when doing classes, Strava routes and Technogym routes).  

Skill Row

The Skill Row replicates the same sensation you would get rowing on water - the resistance is more gradual, making the movement fluid throughout and reducing stress in the lower back at the end of the stroke. Improve your rowing technique with the stroke feedback feature and follow a variety of programs from interval to Technogym neuromuscular training.

Artis Line

The Technogym Art is Line is a premium product line found in top end hotels and spas. Art is Line machines offer a vast library of personal training sessions and first-rate biomechanics to ensure the most natural movement and activation. In addition, every machine in the Art is Line comes equipped with a phone charging pod and access to Internet browsing and streaming platforms, such as YouTube, Facebook, and Netflix, to keep you entertained while you train. Our Art is Line products include:

  • Synchro (cross trainer with set stride length
  • Varid (step, walking & running stride)
  • Stepper (the never-ending staircase)
  • Recline (bike with back support)

Olympic Weightlifting Platform

Our Olympic weight-lifting platform is a protected area to drop heavily loaded barbells to the ground.  This platform offers maximum workout versatility, allowing you to train multiple muscle groups in full safety. The platform absorbs the force of the weights and allows you to easily load your barbells on a stable surface. Technogym equipment is built for athletes and meets the highest standards in biomechanics, ergonomics, durability and safety to help you achieve your best performance.

Functional Area

Our functional area is open space to perform dynamic and effective full body exercises. This space is designed to utilise the body’s natural movement patterns alongside our wide selection of workout equipment:   
Aqua Pads
Foam Rollers
Yoga Balls
Resistance Bands
Medicine Balls
Core Bags
Battle Ropes
Gymnastic Rings
Yoga Mats
Gymnastic Rings
Bosu Ball


Assisted pull ups etc


Heavy duty plate loading machines