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My name is Gabriella, I'm a fully qualified massage therapist. In 2011 I finished my course and became a Massage Therapist. I believe in natural healing and curing that is way I train and improve myself continuously. I think that helping others ease their pain and prevent problems is one of the most wonderful things in life. In this hectic World everybody needs some relaxation, pampering and refreshment. While browsing my website you can find out about the positive effects of Massage Therapy.

My services Medical Massage I provide relaxing and therapeutic massage (Swedish, deep tissue), FDM (Fascial Distortion Model), Visceral Therapy, Medical-Flossing (Compressing Therapy), Kinesiology Tape, Cupping, and CBD Oil and CBD product. Looking forward to seeing you.  

The cups are clear glass bulbs that are placed on the body with the help of a flaming cotton ball or manual pump to create a vacuum. This treatment filters out toxins, improves metabolism and increases the blood supply to the skin, muscles and organs. This technique also releases stuck muscles and knots around the spine and vertebra.

Kinesio taping uses a specially developed elastic tape on affected areas to soothe muscle and joint pain and prevent further injuries. It has proved to be a successful treatment for numerous illnesses without using any medication or having a surgery, such as migraines, oedema, incontinence, menstrual problems, and sport related injuries. It is also a completely natural way to soothe limb pain during pregnancy.

FDM stands for the Fascial Distortion Model, developed by or Stephen Typaldos, DO. Fascia refers to soft, connective tissue that forms sheets or bands underneath the skin. FDM is a model of diagnosis and treatment for common musculoskeletal conditions, designed to support pain reduction and improve restricted movements, helping patients get back to pain free function. FDM contains a detailed physical assessment, which leads to a specific diagnosis and allows the practitioner to form a soft tissue treatment.

Visceral manipulation
Your internal organs are surrounded by connective tissue that holds them in place in the body. Healthy connective tissue should move easily to allow organs to slide on each other when you rotate or flex your torso. Congested or inflamed connective tissue impedes these small but significant movements. This creates visceral discomfort and dysfunction and can lead to restricted movement and pain in other parts of the body.

Tissue flossing 
This treatment involves applying a Floss Band to the affected area while increasing pressure to create a fascial blockage. This interrupts fluid flows in the area and during exercise, the elasticity of not only the tissue changes, but also that of the muscular system and the fascia. When the Floss B and is released, the area affected suddenly fills up with fresh blood and lymphatic fluid, containing the necessary nutrients that facilitate tissue repair. Tissue flossing can also have a positive effect on the regeneration process of more serious injuries, such as tears in the muscle fibre, injuries to ligaments or damage to the meniscus.  

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