Pole Dance

What is Pole Dancing?

Pole dancing is a performance art that offers an exciting combination of dance and acrobatics. Today, it is a popular form of fitness practiced in numerous gyms and dance studios. Pole Dancing can be a liberating avenue to redefine yourself-perception and develop your physique, strength, flexibility, and abdominals. Come and challenge yourself - whether it be to develop confidence, build strength, work on your performance, or simply have some fun - you will be surprised by what you can achieve!   

Pole Dance for Beginners 

Pole dance for beginners will teach you the basic beginner spins, climbs, transitions, and inverts. This level will lay down the foundations with an emphasis on technique in a progressive structure, which makes it safe for anyone doing pole for the first time. Beginner pole dance will incorporate strength exercises and flexibility conditioning to give you a well-rounded training experience. Suitable for complete beginners.

Mixed Level Static Pole

In this class, you will build on the foundations learned at the beginner level with new shapes, transitions, inverts, and combinations which will be tailored to the different levels of ability in the class. This class will start to challenge harder spin variations such as reverse grab and single-arm spins, as well as work on inverted shapes up the pole. You will practice various knee grips positions such as outside and inside leg hangs and generally build confidence across a much broader variety of challenges. This class is not suitable for beginners, the prerequisite is 6 weeks of prior training with Pole Dance for Beginners, with confidence on your inverts and climbs. 

Spinning Pole for Beginners

This spinning pole class is designed to teach you the technique of spinning pole building on new combinations to develop your strength and endurance, as well as learning new tricks, shapes, and transitions. Spinning pole requires more strength both in holding static poses, as well as the added challenge of the pole in motion, so if you are a complete beginner then we recommend you start with 6 weeks of static pole to build up some basic strength and control. The prerequisite is a confident climb and in vert on both sides. 

Spinning Pole-Mixed Level 

This spinning pole class will focus on building up your strength and stamina, as well as learning more challenging combos and tricks on the pole. In this class, you will work on choreography, transitions, and flow. The prerequisite for this class is a confident invert on both sides as well as outside and inside leg hang.

Spinning Pole -Intermediate/ Advanced

This spinning pole class will build up your strength endurance as you learn advanced spin pole tricks, shapes, and transitions, all within a choreographed routine taught in sections so you can focus on your flow and technique. Prerequisites for this class are confident aerial inverts on spinning pole, extending butterfly, and shoulder mount. 

Vertical Bar (Strength and Conditioning)

This lively, high-intensity class will take you through a series of full-body conditioning exercises, both on and off the pole. Get your heart racing to a fun playlist as you improve your endurance, upper body, and core strength! This class is suitable for any level and is also ideal for non-pole dancers to challenge themselves to get strong and physically prepare the body, especially if you wish to take up pole soon. 

Things you Need to Know

  • Do not moisturise your body before pole - it will make it very hard for you to grip
  • Always wear shorts so that your skin is exposed to grip the pole - or invest in sticky legging @polejunkie.com
  • Please do not wear jewellery as it damages the poles and is a health and safety risk
  • We provide gripping agent on your first class, after that ‘Dry Hands’ can be bought at reception
  • Please arrive 10 minutes early for class - lateness will result in refused entry

Benefits of Pole dance

  • Increase your upper body strength, coordination, endurance, core strength, and flexibility
  • Improve your overall physique and body composition
  • Work on your performance skills and develop a sense of musicality
  • Destress with a creative outlet, which is proven to promote mental health
  • Increased body confidence - you will gain a real sense of achievement 
  • Make new friends and learn a lifelong skill
  • Build functional gymnastic strength and learn how to dance your way to happiness 
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